AP Test Signup Procedure

Follow this procedure to sign up for the APCSA / APCSP exams:

  • Sign in to the My AP website. Use the same username / password as your SAT exam and/or your APCSP digital portfolio from last year
  • Click Join a Course or Exam
  • Enter the Join Code for your class:
    • APCSP: 3R6QN9
  • Click Select
  • Check that you have the correct course and click Yes
  • Fill out the requested information and click Save
  • Cilck Close

Follow these instructions to pay for your exams. The deposit or full payment deadline is NOVEMBER 1st!

If you qualify for free / reduced lunch, the full amount of $5 is due by Nov 1st.

If you do not qualify for free / reduced lunch:

  • Option 1: Non-refundable $40 deposit paid by Nov 1. You will have until early March to pay the difference.
  • Option 2: Pay the full amount of $94 by Nov 1. $40 is non-refundable!
  • Option 3: If you qualify for Free / Reduced lunch, the full amount of $5 is due by Nov 1st.

See details on the AP payment flyer

AP test payment instructions and website